Get to know the CIRM services 

Your satisfaction is our main objective, so we bet on diversity so that we can respond to your needs. From the most classic to the most modern, in CIRM you can find all kinds of socks, with the guarantee and maximum quality, speed and durability.

CIRM services are based on customer satisfaction

Diversity in all ranges of socks

  • Total plush

    Socks produced with plush in their entirety.

  • Half Plush

    Socks produced with 50% plush in their composition.

  • Smooth Knit

    Socks produced with plain mesh, without any kind of pattern.

  • Plain knit with only plush on the toe cap

    Smooth mesh with plush in the composition of the toe cap.

  • Drawing on all the sock

    Socks with drawings in design.

  • Leg

    Socks raised high to the leg.

  • Foot

    Socks without elevation, wearing only the foot.