CIRM promotes humanism and generosity this winter

Known for its humanitarian and social character, CIRM appeals to the mutual aid between citizens in this approaching epoch!

In the last few days, there have been several television and radio stations that alert us to the oncoming cold! Unfortunately, as we all know, there are several poor people who can say little about the conditions in which they live, lacking not only food at the table but also heating and clothes that can protect from the cold.

There is a lot of talk about donations of food to homeless or deprived people, but sometimes forgetting about other means of survival for the human being, such as clothes that are much needed in the winter.

Thus, not only because it is winter but also Christmas season, CIRM promotes responsible and thoughtful buying, recalling long-forgotten values ​​such as generosity and concern for the well-being of all, suggesting that when buying in our store, for the value and quantity that you can, offer to the needy people you meet or institutions of solidarity socks and wraps, so that together we can face this winter!

Help provide a warmer winter and a good Christmas and offer a pair of socks to a friend or homeless. To help you, take advantage of the CIRM launch campaign.

Offer a little treat that will warm the feet and the heart of those who need it most!


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