New CIRM website now available!

With the same quality and vision, now appears the new website that, with a new name, is starting a new phase in which you can, with all the convenience, acquire your socks online.

With the best materials in their production, the CIRM socks will give your feet all the comfort and protection necessary not only for their daily life, but also for various activities, such as sport or demanding work.

On this site, you will find in the home page, the novelty products and the promotions in force. In this section you can also find your socks more quickly according to the range you are looking for.

In the section “Products”, in addition to this division of the categories, you can consult in detail all the characteristics of the stockings available, helping you in the process of selecting them.

There will also be a Blog section where articles related to the theme will be regularly published, as well as news about CIRM, everything to guarantee your satisfaction!

Finally, if you would like more information about CIRM or how to contact us, you will find the contact section, which in addition to our telephone contact, also tells us where we are based and makes available a form where you can contact us faster.

Stay tuned for updates! Welcome to CIRM!

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